Why does CHSS use a facilitator?

When developing their vision of the support group, both Karen and Debbie wanted to make sure that everyone at the meeting had the opportunity to be heard equally. They realized that utilizing a facilitator would ensure an emotionally safe environment they were looking for.


Knowing that the complex criminal justice system is a critical challenge facing the families, utilizing a facilitator with a background in criminal justice would ensure that information on the justice system would be immediate and accurate made perfect sense.

CHSS Facilitator:

Dr. Scott McLean, PhD, BCFT, RSW

Scott McLean



Scott has experience in trauma counselling with crime victims and is also an educator in the criminal justice field.


Scott’s extensive work with victims of crime drives his commitment to the Support Group‘s primary goal: to help lessen the suffering and trauma of family members following the homicide of a loved one.

Scott’s Role:


    Initial Contact:


     > Scott personally contacts those who have lost a loved one to homicide and are interested in joining the group.


     > Scott clarifies the role of the support group to ensure it will meet their needs.


 * Scott will suggest possible counselling referrals to community programs and services for those looking for bereavement counselling or services outside the scope the support group offers.


     Support Group:


      > Scott facilitates and guides the discussion within the group to ensure a safe, respectful and compassionate               environment is maintained and individual stories are honoured.


      > Factual information is provided on all aspects of the criminal justice system. 


      > Occasional guest speakers on specific topics as requested by the group are arranged by the facilitator.


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Providing support in a group

setting for those affected by

victims of homicide.