Nicole's Super-Long Run for The Calgary Homicide Support Society

On December 8th, 2013, 5 members of my family were murdered on a farm near Castor, Alberta. My Auntie Sandi and Uncle Gordon were like parents to me and my cousin, Monica, was my best friend. Patches and Keela were two of the loveliest dogs you could ever meet and members of the family. I had lived with them during some summers, and the farm was my safe haven. Their house was burned down, my Aunt's body was never found, and someone we trusted and loved had done it. I was lost, angry, hopeless ,and, quite frankly, utterly broken-hearted in the aftermath. A friend told me about the Calgary Homicide Support Society, so I went to a meeting. I actually don't have the words to express how important this group is and how much it did for me. I met people who GOT IT. People who haven't lived through this don't understand, and it can be incredibly isolating. I had no idea how to navigate the criminal and justice system, let alone my grief. The Calgary Homicide Support Society gave me a safe place to feel everything I needed to feel while providing information on the law and the courts. Guest speakers helped me with the investigations, the trial, the media, victim impact statements, my mental health and the appeal process. I am doing this fundraiser because the Society's funding has been cut, and I believe this is a vital service for victims in my heart. The CHSS is gold, it is precious, and it needs to continue to exist. Funds provide a place for members to meet, material resources, a professional moderator with trauma expertise, refreshments, and conferences, to name a few. I will be running 1,250 km in 2021 (250 km for each life taken on December 8th), and I'm grateful for any support. This is my way of saying thank you to a group that helped me through an experience that nobody should have to endure. This distance is way over double what I ran last time, but I believe me and my reconstructed knee can do it! I will also donate $100 for every person that runs 1,000 km this year in their honour. I know how deeply people need this group, so please help me save it :)

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